Some say I’m kind

Helpful and compassionate

One said they knew I was safe space



But I’m not all those things.

I offer no judgement,

Because I want to be left alone

I accept your secrets because,

I have many terrible ones myself

I am patient of mistakes

Because I might make mistakes of my own later.


I give acceptance to others

Because I craved it once.

But there was no ‘me’ for me

Who was kind and a safe space.


Sometimes I resent those

I’m supposedly kind to,

How easy it was for them,

For they found me,

Compassionate and kind, out of

Pure self-interest and cowardice.


I had no one to confide in

Nobody who was safe

The ones who were, came too late,

When the desperation had passed

And indifference had set in.


Now I’ve resigned myself

To being hypocritically kind;

My kindness isn’t from love unconditional

But from simple self-defense.




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