Little things

A good thing happened to me yesterday

(27.04.2022 was the date)

It happened under five seconds

Shorter than it’d take you to read about it.


I was walking home with hurried steps

That I don’t have in the mornings

I’d just crossed the road, when I saw them

A mother walking on the road with her daughter.


She held her daughter by the wrists

As she walked on the side of traffic

with the daughter on the side of the pavement.

Daughter of not more than seven

Walking with hurried steps

with her little legs, to match her mother’s larger stride.


I heard the mother say,

“Study well, get a job and

Buy whatever you want with your own money”

The daughter said “aahn”, in a very familiar way

(I say it exactly like her to my mother).


I continued to take hurried steps forward

Not thinking to look at

the face of the mother.

I’d only heard her

as I passed her from behind.


It’s the small things

that make you believe

Change is possible and not very far.

These less-than-five-seconds

gave me better hope

than any grand gestures

or passionate speeches ever did.




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