I am sure about being unsure

But tell me are you sure

Deciding to bring a  new life

To this dying rock

Turning toxic and hot.



Are you sure you are ready?

As ready one can be

To bear all responsibility

To be the sky and earth

Armour and shield

To the new life



I want to ask just this

Are you sure

What you desire is a child?

Not a second chance at life

Not your avatar to be 

Bent at your will

Not your chance to correct

All mistakes was done to you

Not your attempt to fix

Things from your childhood


Not an expert by any degree

Don’t even have one you see

Yet I think, a child is not a chance

For a do-over or redo

Of your experiences



I’m unsure of that I’m sure

If I desire to be parent

Or to have a child?

A child I can play with

As I played myself

A child to show

All my favourite shows to

A child I can raise

In all ways I wished I was raised


I am unsure because

A parent sounds dull or heavy

But that’s what I’ll be

If I have a child

To live through vicariously.


So tell me are you sure?

Whether you want

To be a parent

Or raise a child as you please.




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