If eyes are the windows to the soul

I should have known, she held none

Empty and empty was she,

Devoid of even the slightest trace of mercy


I chose to ignore my instincts

Thinking it an adventure, a spontaneous crazy spur of the moment thing

She swallowed me whole


How can a woman that feels nothing

Give me the butterflies and push me down

Into the abyss nonchalantly?



I regret the first step I took towards her

It was the moment of doom



Why does she seem radiant when she is made of

Endless void within her?

Why do I want to trade my soul

To see her smile at me?



She’ll leave me behind without looking back

I stick close, clinging shamelessly

Empty empty woman, you know don’t you?

How I lost myself in your empty eyes.


So keep looking at me till death takes me from you

Let it be the price you pay

For turning me insane for you.



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